Wood is a natural material with specific features; differences in grain or shade between the various parts cannot therefore be considered as cause for complaint.
Exposing wooden doors to direct sunlight may cause discolouration. Over time, wood matures and may change colour slightly; this is not a defect. Finally, bear in mind that it behaves like a living product, even after processing, and will expand or contract depending on the humidity level of the surrounding environment.

How to clean?

  • Clean gently using a damp cloth and dry thoroughly; always follow the grain of the wood

  • Do not use any detergents and sprays

  • Never use products containing solvents (acetone, ammonia, etc.)

  • Dry any water droplets or steam to avoid damaging the lacquer

  • Turn on the hood every time you cook, to prevent the steam and vapour from damaging doors over time

  • Only open the dishwasher when it has cooled down completely to avoid excessive heat or vapour escaping and damaging kitchen doors. For the same reason, allow the

  • oven to cool with the door closed